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In October, JV Cummins KAMA signed an agreement on the launch of the TEC (Technical Education for Communities) project.

TEC: Technical Education for Communities is a global program that targets the technical skills gap through local vocational education programs. TEC delivers a standardized education program and set of tools to help education partners develop effective, market-relevant curriculum, teacher training, guidance counseling and the practical experience needs of students. TEC seeks to partner with business, government and community organizations to increase access to good jobs and develop a stronger and growing employment base in communities across the globe.

It is arranged that the project will be implemented by JV Cummins KAMA and based on platforms of Technical College, KAMAZ and ZF KAMA. By 2021, it is planned to create an equipped training laboratory for engine assembly, as well as to hold regularly trainings for teachers and students. In the framework of the TEC program implementation, on October 17 first-year students of the Technical College visited the territory of JV Cummins KAMA and had a fruitful excursion.