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During market investigation, Cummins Turbo Technologies Limited discovered that LLC “TURBOTECHSNAB” was using Cummins’ trademarks without authorization and that this company has been selling counterfeit HOLSETTM turbochargers.  Cummins Turbo Technologies Limited demanded, that LLC “TURBOTECHSNAB” stop its infringing activities, but the company did not comply. 

As a result, Cummins Turbo Technologies Limited filed a lawsuit in Russia against LLC “TURBOTECHSNAB” in November 2018 concerning the trademark infringement and sale of counterfeit goods. 

In a written decision issue in May 2019, the Moscow City Arbitrazh Court found in favor of Cummins Turbo Technologies Limited on all counts.   The Court recognized LLC “TURBOTECHSNAB” as a counterfeiter and infringer of Cummins’ trademarks. 

The Court issued an injunction prohibiting LLC “TURBOTECHSNAB” from further illegal use of Cummins’ HOLSETTM marks to sell, offer, store or advertise turbochargers. The Court ordered LLC “TURBOTECHSNAB” to pay damages and fees to Cummins Turbo Technologies Limited.