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September 11, 2015 — Tom Linebarger and Steve Chapman visited Moscow, Russia on September 11th to meet with senior management of key local on-highway Cummins clients KAMAZ and GAZ groups and to visit the leading local commercial transport exhibition, Komtrans-2015.

Tom Linebarger visits Komtrans 2015 Exhibition in Russia

They met with Sergey Kogogin, KAMAZ General Manager and Vadim Sorokin, President of GAZ group, to discuss the current market situation, partnership plans and the companies’ strategic perspectives. 

At the Komtrans-2015 show, Cummins also revealed its latest global Heavy-Duty G Series engine platform installed on the newly launched modern KAMAZ truck model line. The ISG is Cummins latest global Heavy-Duty engine platform, with the capability to meet worldwide emissions and customer requirements. The engine has an adaptive architecture, enabling it to meet regional market requirements with a common global platform, ideal for use in heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Besides ISG, other Cummins engines including ISB4.5, ISB 6.7 and ISL also powered KAMAZ show trucks at this prominent exhibition in Russia.

“We are very pleased with our strong and long-standing partnership with KAMAZ,” said Tom
Linebarger. “We look forward to further developing this relationship to benefit our companies and customers, and position us well for future growth.”

Cummins leaders also visited booths of our China OEM partners participating in Komtrans-2015. Dongfeng, JAC and Golden Dragon representatives educated them about their product lines powered by Cummins engines and their vision and plans for further development in the Russian market.