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In Russia and the CIS, Cummins, a division of Holset, together with a distributor of Cummins LLC, are introducing Hologram Protection Labeling Project in Russian and CIS region, for Holset turbochargers and spare parts.


The principle aim of the Hologram Protection labels, is to allow Customers to identify Genuine Holset Components verse Counterfeit.

Cummins Turbo Technologies Limited will continue to apply the original Holset part number labels to all components supplied in Russia & the CIS regions, including the additional Hologram protection labels.

The Hologram protection label will not carry any part numbers identification details; however, the protection label will include some verification features to identify if the label on the component is genuine or fake.


  • To verify if the part is genuine examine all levels of protection: various properties of the transparent hologram integrated into a printed base label, the presence of slots along the edges and QR-code.
  • Check for a silver scratch off that is printed over the last characters of the serial number. Erase it to find out the seven-digit serial number of the sticker.
  • Use the QR that contains the printed underneath for labels verification. Follow the instructions on the site.

If you are not sure you have the original item, please report the suspicious product to our experts

To ensure the purchase of original Holset products, we recommend you work only with the official Holset distributors in Russia and the CIS.

You can find the nearest distributor in the Holset Distributors section.

Holset products may also feature a Cummins logo label. You can find out more about this label on the