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Cummins Russia has started partnering with the Old Age in Joy Foundation, which is engaged in helping disabled and elderly people living in nursing homes throughout Russia.

Cummins has adopted a nursing home in the village of Belyaninovo (Moscow region) and regularly carries out visits in groups of 15-20 volunteers. The house is home to 38 people, including veterans of the second world war. A recent visit to the home saw 15 employees clearing the previous year’s gardens of leaves, painting the house and fence, weeding the garden and planting flowers.

While facility maintenance is import, Cummins volunteers really try to enrich the lives of the nursing home’s residents through visits and interaction. Volunteers have previously conducted performances of retro songs for the residents and brought them care packages.

Cummins Russia team is planning to continue cooperation with the house in Belyaninovo and are planning a New year's concert. The program will include songs and poems, as well as tea with the residents of the house.

Not only are the residents of the home positively impacted, each visit fills volunteers’ hearts with positive emotions, a sense of solidarity and a desire to bring joy to the elderly.