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At Cummins, we remain vigilant in policing and enforcing all our intellectual property, including monitoring and fighting against counterfeit goods on the global market. The 2018 Annual Anti-Counterfeiting Report highlights successes in combating global counterfeiting activities, made possible by the proactive partnerships fostered between the Legal Function (“Legal”), Business Units and local law enforcement. 

In 2018, there was a 16% increase in the number of reported counterfeiting cases to Legal, and a 593% increase in reporting since our online counterfeiting reporting tool was launched in 2015. We continue to see an increase in infringing activity in most of our ABOs with Russia, China, and North America being areas especially vulnerable to infringing activity. Through aggressive monitoring, Legal, Business Units and local law enforcement have been tackling these issues head on. 

For example, in Russia, Legal and Cummins Russia partnered with law enforcement to remove several infringing displays at the 2018 MIMS Automechanika tradeshow in Moscow. In China, Cummins China New and Recon Parts Marketing (NRP China) partnered with local law enforcement to engage in a one-month raid where law enforcement raided five targets, removed more than ten infringing shop signboards, and detained more than 1,600 parts worth $43,000. These raids in China were on the heels of an annual China Anti-Counterfeiting Committee conference which included attendees from Cummins China and members of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau with the theme of “Win Together, Work Proactively,” geared towards training and combating counterfeiting activity.

As result of these proactive partnerships, over $8.4 million worth of counterfeit products were removed from the global market. As General Counsel Sharon R. Barner explains, “This collaboration and partnership is critical to Cummins’ efforts to protect the Company’s brand, reputation, and financial success. We look forward to continued engagement in 2019.”