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Cummins reliability and efficiency proves an ideal choice for the latest innovative autonomous agriculture, the Dot Power Platform. 

Autonomous operation combined with diesel-power and a U-shaped design allow Dot to carry, rather than tow, a multitude of implements. Norbert Beaujot, President & Owner, Dot Technology tells us more about this unique application:

“Initially I was designing Dot to be a seeding unit.  But when I came up with the idea of an open-U platform that could lift and lower a multitude of different implements; I quickly realized that it could handle almost anything in agriculture, construction and mining, so its possibilities are endless.”

Efficiency and reliability were critical considerations when designing the Dot Power Platform and led Norbert to the 173-hp Cummins B4.5 Tier 4 Final engine. The company aims to reduce fuel consumption on farms by around 20% so it’s paramount that the engine, hydraulics and whole system work efficiently.

“When I was selecting the engine, it was important to have something very reliable; something that farmers knew and understood and had faith in. Of course, the Cummins name has been around forever, so it was a natural fit.” concludes Norbert.

Watch the video to see Dot in action


Dot Power Platform in action