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Cummins, a global leader providing a broad portfolio of power solutions, will power a bus in Chile with the Cummins L9N Near Zero gas engine, which is considered one of the world’s cleanest internal combustion engines. This is the first time this particular Cummins natural gas engine will be used in an application outside the United States. 

The 320 horsepower and 1355 newton meter (Nm) torque version of the engine will be used to move the bus through Santiago - Chile’s capital city.  Compared to diesel models, this gas engine delivers a reduction of particulate matter emission by about 80 percent, nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 90 percent, and greenhouse gases by 70 percent, contributing directly to environmental decontamination.

“We are proud to present our Cummins L9N gas engine in Chile, which will significantly contribute to reducing greenhouse gases and decontaminating the city of Santiago,” said Fábio Magrin, General Manager of Cummins Chile. “We endeavor to bring our customers the right power solutions for the work they need to do. The solution found in Chile is in line with our mission to make people’s lives better by powering a more prosperous world.”

The announcement of the Cummins gas-powered bus was attended by the Chilean Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Gloria Hutt, and generated much interest from Chilean media and public opinion. Many media articles have highlighted the importance of this contribution by Cummins and the Chilean government towards a cleaner environment.

“Natural or renewable gas-powered engines can also be incredibly clean and efficient,” said Luís Pasquotto, Vice President, Cummins Brazil and EBU leader for Latin America. “With increasing gas abundance and a mature technology requiring relatively simple infrastructure investment, these engines are a great solution for many customers and markets, including in Latin America.” 

Cummins delivers natural gas solutions that are reliable, durable and efficient. The 80,000 Cummins natural gas engines currently in use offer dependable, clean and quiet performance, as well as low emissions, high efficiency, low total fuel costs, and reduced dependence on imported oil.

Companies are increasingly realizing the value of low-emission, high-performance natural gas engines─ both for the environment and for their businesses. Natural gas is one of the cleanest, safest and most abundant energy resources in the world.

With 100 years of experience and technology leadership, Cummins innovates for a future providing a broad portfolio of power solutions ​and will continue to deliver the right technology at the right time for every customer.

Bus powered by Cummins L9N gas engine.​