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As we celebrate our 100-year anniversary, this is the final story to highlight the history of Cummins. During this series, we reflected on our rich history of turning challenges into opportunities. 

Throughout our history, Cummins has committed to the continuous improvement of people’s lives. In 1999, Cummins powered the Beijing Public Transit. The Beijing Public Transit launched a fleet of 300 buses with Cummins B5.9 natural gas engines to improve the city’s air quality. This was the first clean, alternative fuel fleet in Asia of Cummins Westport natural gas-powered buses. 

Cummins launches Asia’s cleanest bus fleet in 1999. ​​​​

After strategically identifying the need for an emission solution that would help engines meet future regulations, Cummins Emissions Solutions (CES) was launched. The CES business was launched in February 2002 with just 11 employees. ​

To recognize the company not only for our engines, Cummins was rebranded as a leader in other global markets. In the early 2000’s, Chairman and CEO Tim Solso announced the rebranding of Cummins Engine Company Inc. to Cummins Inc. For the first time in company history, the mission, vision and values of the company were officially established.

As part of our core values, Cummins mission is to build more prosperous communities by empowering people to thrive in their daily lives. In 2006, Every Employee Every Community (EEEC) was officially adopted and enables employees at least four hours to volunteer in the communities, in which Cummins exists.

Emphasizing integrity, diversity and inclusion, caring, excellence and teamwork, Cummins renewed its mission with one clear focus: to make people’s lives better by powering a more prosperous world. 

The company’s move into early electrification impacted both fuel economy and environmental progress. External trends including simpler power, energy diversity, connectivity and automation, and air quality and climate shaped the market in 2006. 

Cummins announced on June 14, 2017, it would introduce a fully-electric transit bus powertrain in 2019. By August 29, 2017 we unveiled our first fully electrified heavy-duty demonstration truck, Aeos, proved that Cummins was serious about electrification. 

In 2017, Cummins unveils AEOS, a fully electrified heavy-duty truck. 

By February 2018, the electrification business was officially formed into Cummins’ fifth reporting segment, called the Electrified Power segment (EPBU). This enabled visibility and accountability of investment and progress, along with the coordination of electrification efforts. Cummins was positioned as making the right investments in alternative power options and a leader in this technology. 

Our centennial theme, Challenge the Impossible, captures exactly what we need to do to be successful in the next 100 years. Nearly one hundred years after the introduction of the Cummins engine, our journey continues. Continue to explore Cummins’ history of challenging the impossible found on our updated timeline​.