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Building on its longstanding history of powering agricultural equipment, today Cummins announced its Stage V B6.7 Performance Series engine will be available in CLAAS AVERO combine harvesters from Quarter 4 2019.
Cummins reliability and efficiency proves an ideal choice for the latest innovative autonomous agriculture, the Dot Power Platform.  Autonomous operation combined with diesel-power and a U-shaped design allow Dot to carry, rather than tow, a multitude of implements. Norbert Beaujot, President & Owner, Dot Technology tells us more about this unique application:
Since 1919 Cummins Inc. has been a leader in innovation; from developing technologies to make diesel engines more energy and fuel efficient, to developing technologies allowing engines to be powered by natural gas, electricity and other alternative fuels, Cummins is a technology leader.
In 2018, the Cummins plant in Juarez, Mexico, received its first full year of renewable power from the solar array it installed over part of its parking lot. Encouraging the production of renewable energy is part of the company’s energy goal. Cummins has reached two of its seven 2020 environmental sustainability goals early, reducing the water it uses per hour worked and cutting carbon dioxide through collaborative projects with customers.
The No. 28 Cummins Diesel Special was the technology wonder of its day. More than six decades later, high technology is helping get the record-setting race car back on the track that made it famous. Cummins engineers, using 3D printing and computerized tomography scanning, created a new water pump for the car, which will return to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway later this month after setting a one-lap track record of 139 miles per hour in qualifying for the pole position in the 1952 race.